We help professionals who want to thrive with more meaning and prosperity; genuine vitality, soulful relationships and clarity of purpose.

Dear overwhelmed professional friend,

Are you successful, and yet still long for something deeper and richer in your life?

You are not alone. Many busy professionals have achieved their dreams of career, finance, family or relationships and yet still feel like something is missing.

When it comes to success, happiness, and contentment, we often surprisingly find it more exhilarating to be in the pursuit of our goals than in finally attaining them.

As a successful professional, you’ve probably invested a lot of time in developing your career. You likely had to make many sacrifices to get where you are and it’s finally paying off. On the one hand, you may be feeling satisfied with your achievements.

On the other hand, you may be wondering why you are still not feeling a sense of contentment and fulfillment? Often working so hard in one area of life comes with costs in other areas.

Perhaps you’re noticing more challenges in your relationships or health? You may be suffering and want some compassionate support for relief?

You might also be yearning for a deeper connection with yourself, others or the mysteries of life.

Many have found that their symptoms turned out to be a hidden map that led them to the buried treasure of their unique gifts. With mentoring these gifts unfolded into a life of meaning and purpose.

It is possible to discover freedom from suffering and redefine the meaning of success. 

We can grow beyond the traditional notions of success towards a fulfilling life that is abundant in meaning and prosperity with genuine vitality, soulful relationships and purposeful contribution.

Hi, we are Michael Talbot-Kelly and Dave Wali Waugh, co-founders of the Meaningful Life Design Center. For over twenty years we have been helping thousands of professionals and others transform their lives by discovering a growing wholeness that goes beyond success to fulfilling lives of meaning and prosperity.

We have discovered that life is like a code, a map. When you have a good map life gets easier and begins to flow. If you are longing for a joyful life of being on purpose with more meaning and prosperity, you will need a good map and compass? If you are ready to begin this great adventure we invite you to download our free Meaning And Prosperity Guidebook on the right or call Michael or Dave for a free 30 minute consultation or visit our “New Here” Page to learn more about navigating from the old map of success vs. failure to the new map of meaning and prosperity.

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